Real Simple. Real Good.

At YOTALITY, we value the simple things in life, good food, family, friends, health and happiness.

Our recipe for success is just as simple. Create the highest quality product, made from the freshest ingredients. Artfully blend each yogurt, gelato, custard and sorbet for a smooth and creamy taste. Offer the widest selection of flavors and toppings to satisfy the most discriminating palate. Give the customer ultimate control to create their own masterpiece. Invite them to gather in the heart of the village, with friends and family, good music and fresh air. It’s that simple.

YOTALITY – Good for Life!

You're the Boss

At YOTALITY, you’re the boss.  You decide how little or much to fill your cup.  Choose a single flavor, a tasty twist or a creative combination.  Toppings or no toppings, it’s your call.  Candy or coconut, fruity pebbles or fruit – it’s okay to get a little nutty because you’re the boss.

Sweet Inspiration

It began with an accident, a sweet tooth and a dream.In 2011, Gene and Suzy O’Donovan founders of Montana Mills Bread Company and Pittsford parents of three, found themselves in a Denver hospital overseeing the recovery of their daughter following a ski accident.

Searching for a perfect treat to nourish the body and lift the spirit, they stumbled upon a local frozen dessert shop. Each day they explored new yogurts, ice creams, toppings, twists and combinations. It was an adventure in creativity, as well as a creamy indulgence.

From this experience YOTALITY was born and life has never been sweeter!

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